Noelle Lovern

Politics Political Brand Executive Marketing Board Council Counselor Counsel Public Relations Society of America Counselor’s Academy Spokesman Travel Tourism Sports Real Estate Corporate Fortune 500 New media Active lifestyle TV Media Media Relations PR Research Tamarack Resort Sun Valley Resort Recreation Project Manager Webmaster Web Master Web expert New York Porter Novelli New York mayor Creative Brand Software Gartner Hewlett Packard HP Albertsons DesignNoelle Lovern since 2012 has been helping key clients connect successfully with elected officials and other leaders who are influential to business success. Her leadership is creating new community partnerships for a Fortune 500 Peyron client and a natural resources company whose federal-lands interest has the potential to evolve into a $60-billion global business for Idaho. She has served on the staff of a former member of Congress and was the founding CEO of the Boise State University student-run public relations firm — Blue House PR. Noelle is a cum laude graduate of Boise State University.